• Kevin is on the top left
Kevin Troung is a 7th grader at Goudy. He's Asian and has small eyes ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ (you can edit this when you see it Kevin๐Ÿ˜‚) But Kevin is still an awesome guy! He's one of those people who goes out and smiles. He isn't like other guys who check out girls and likes them because of how they look, but he likes them for who they are. If you're fun, he's your friend! If you're funny, he's you're friend! If you're a person who makes him feel better, he's your friend! But if you look ugly, weird, etc., he doesn't care! As long as you're a good person to him, he'll be a better person to you.ย 

He is also someone who's really smart. Very, very, very smart. He is also that person that, if you won a bet, and he owes you something, he'll buy it for you! If he really likes you as a friend, and he sees you in a bad mood, he would do anything to make that person feel better! Like he is just an awesome person!!!!!!!!!! I know i said it twice! He is also those people who is lazy as hell but still manages to get the best grades. Amazing.

Something else I should mention, his favorite color is blue and is a gamer too. He has a youtube channel! So subscribe to him, ( gaming channel ) and enjoy his awesome videos! He also has a small circle of friends that he really is happy to have! Which is Leslie, Jason, Janet, and Adora! He obviously has a lot more friends but to him, these are his main main. Also the ones I know he really trusts and the ones he can really depend on! Kevin is really an awesome person (third time) and you will see how fun he is once you get to meet him! That's if he likes you as a person as well :)

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